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SUNWAY GEOLAKE RESIDENCES \ Subang Jaya \ 2021 \ Completed

Sunway GEOLake Residences is a development of 44-storey condominium and 3-storey townhouse villas located on 6.49 acres site in Sunway South Quay at Bandar Sunway, Selangor.


The tower is a clean rectilinear block with interplay of bold horizontals at regular intervals.  The geometric form and discipline give a distinct architectural identity to the tower amidst the visual chaos of the various buildings of Sunway South Quay.  The play of geometry is continued at the townhouse villas to unify the buildings into a coherent architectural language.


The main feature of Sunway GEOLake Residences is the user experience upon arrival and this is a consequence of the massing strategy. Instead of a tower perched above a large multi-storey carpark podium and presenting a hard edge upon arrival, the carpark is tucked below taking advantage of the site topography. Hence upon arrival, one is greeted by a soft and luscious central landscaped open space which also separates the tower and the townhouse villas. This central open space and connecting pathways allow interesting external spaces to be created throughout making Sunway GEOLake Residences very liveable


The landscapes are the integral part of Sunway GEOLake Residences in order to create a unique retreat experience for the residents and visitors taking them away from the bustling mood of the city. From the entrance up to the roof top, the landscapes are meticulously designed to fuse with abundance of facilities throughout the development providing a place to relax, rejuvenate and revel.


Sunway GEOLake Residences is also designed to be disabled friendly. All the tower units and the common facilities are catered for wheelchair to manoeuvre comfortably and also in compliance with the universal design standards. For vehicular traffic, the lower ground car parks for visitor and residents are designed to be accessible conveniently from the perimeter road reducing the need to circulate using the internal ramps.


Designed to be part of an integrated development, Sunway GEOLake Residences is provided with direct link into Sunway GEO Avenue (Commercial) and adjacent amenities via private covered walkway. This will make Sunway GEOLake Residences seamlessly connected to the cities while providing its user their own sanctuary.


Sunway GEOLake Residences also contributed to the whole Sunway South Quay community by surrendering part of its land to cater for a public linkage to Sunway GEO Avenue. Now, it is frequently used by the other residents within the master plan of Sunway South Quay.

+ PAM Awards 2022 Commendation Under Multiple Residential High Rise

+ Gold GreenRE Certification under the Residential Category.

Photo credit: Sunway Property

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