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SUNWAY GEO RESIDENCES \ Subang Jaya \ 2018 \ Completed

The two residential towers are designed within strict geometric parameters, combining with rhythmic façade elements, to create a clean-cut silhouette. The disposition of solids and voids and series of cascading lines and frames create a bold architectural statement rendered by shadow and light.

To maximise views, all units are planned along a double-loaded corridor. As the lake view is located in the west, cantilevered cascading lines from the top to the bottom of the tower help provide shade, while maintaining views. A deep recess is introduced between the units to create a passage for light and natural ventilation.

The car park podium is designed to be separated from the main tower block, with a link bridge to both towers, for efficiency and economic sense—this eliminates the need for a basement, thus minimising the amount of soil removal from site. In addition, the project is directly linked to a commercial development next door via a covered pedestrian bridge.

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