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OSK TOWER \ Kuala Lumpur \ 2011 \ Competition

The design concept is derived from the Power of 3 with 3 as both Icon and Symbol. Hence the design concept for the development is for 3 Towers unified aesthetically and functionally into 1 powerful iconic image.

The square geometry of the existing tower calls for the continuation of pure geometry which conveys imageries of timelessness, business, corporate strength, international presence and sustainability. 2 podiums are created for functions of retail banking at ground level and investment banking at sky level. These horizontal forms tie the towers aesthetically and functionally and can also be read as giant gold bars!

“The pure geometry for the 3 Towers linked by the horizontal podiums for the development proposal comprising of an International Financial Centre created a powerful scheme, which is functional, aesthetic and allow for ease of implementation. The scheme has provided comprehensive environmental strategy to achieve GBI Gold rating, and incorporated translucent PV performance screen to serve as sunshade and solar collector to power the LED display at night.” - Jury’s citation

+ Second Prize - OSK Holdings Berhad Master Planning & Architectural Concept Design Competition

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