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NOVA @ SRI UTARA \ Kuala Lumpur \ 2013 \ Completed

Nova @ Sri Utara is gated and guarded development comprises of nine units of bungalows and 22 units of semi-detached homes surrounded by lush landscaping and fronted by a cool, calm lake.


Designed as part of the overall master plan of KIP Park Sri Utara, this gated and guarded low rise residential development caters to the increasing demand of high end housing within Kuala Lumpur. While most gated communities are designed to block off their surroundings, NOVA has been designed to embrace its' surroundings. The development opens out to a former mining pond, which has been transformed into a lake and its' surroundings beautified, providing external views for residences while still maintaining security.


This development showcases the importance of community living and how guarded communities can still be designed to engage with its' surroundings without completely shutting them out.

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