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ECOSFERA @ BERTAM \ Bertam, Penang \ 2012 \ Competition

The 838 acre master plan was conceived from the study of Bertam tree and seed creating an ecosystem. Central communities are the basis of the design along with the analogy of a series of green stems and seeds that form the core elements of the communal centres and green corridors.

Bertam, the name of the place,originated from the Bertam tree. The concept for the township of Ecosfera@ Bertam is inspired by the Bertam tree. The Bertam seed is the root of the planning concept. The growth from a seed to a stem and eventually a full-grown tree becomes the basis of planning concept. The Bertam plant being able to survive within its surroundings and prosper has inspired the master plan to follow this ecological step in being self-sustaining through passive design.

The Ecosfera is a combination of the word Eco and Sfera. Eco represents an ecological environment where man and nature can co-exist together and prosper with a balanced lifestyle.

While Sfera is a Malay word for 'Sphere', a form that symbolize a community within a holistic environment. Thus, a place where the built and natural environment are fused together creates a better community with strong values. An environment that enhances the value of knowledge development, promoting values and healthy lifestyle. Ecosfera aspires to create central communities within a varied community encourages socializing and instills a greater tolerance level within the community.

ECOSFERA @ BERTAM - The Seed for Green Living to serve  Penang  and the region

+ Second Prize - PAM + NAZA TTDI Bertam Master Plan And Architectural Ideas Competition

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