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BLOK F2 & F3, PARCEL F \ Putrajaya \ 2019 \ Completed

Blok F2 & F3 are 9-storey office buildings on a 3-storey car park podium. Together they act as a street frontage for the overall development of Kompleks F, the newly completed government complex in Precinct 1, Putrajaya.

The underlying theme of ‘Songket’ is weaved through the two blocks. The simple rectilinear form is emphasized with prominent coloured bands and vertical intricate metallic brise soleils on north and south elevations. These bold vertical fins on south elevation have been designed with subtle rhythmic patterns that form as the sun moves across Blok F2 and F3, creating movements that replicate the effects of glittering songket. Blok F1, F2 and F3’s ‘Songket’ façade is meant to be read together as its faces the main road.

F2 and F3 been certified GBI Gold.

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